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Building a platform for others like me. A stationery obsessed lady who decided to go paperless and never looked back.

Stationery Lover. Paperless convert. Digital Creator.

Our Story


The charm of well-designed notebooks and journals never fails to enthrall me. The joy of discovering unique paper products with stellar designs is so addictive for me that the stationery aisle of Barnes and Noble and designer shops like Kate Spade are my idea of a happy place. Discovering quaint paper craft stores excites me so much that it took me a while to realize I am buying more than what I actually use and was just accumulating stuff. Then stars aligned and I discovered this whole community of digital planners.

They are using their iPads but the pages they were writing onto are actually pretty and swoon-worthy, just like the paper notebooks I hoard. I jumped the bandwagon and bought a digital planner from an online marketplace but was so disappointed by the overall buying experience. This marketplace was built for a physical product and not for a digital one. It turns out there were others like me who are willing to jump ship to go paperless in our stationery thirst but are perplexed how it all works from the buying to the actual first use.


Kraftora started when I realized that the passionate and creative digital stationery community deserves to be noticed, seen and listened to. It is ripe for innovation and a platform of their own. With me being both from the tech and stationery industry, I felt the burden to delve deeper in this opportunity. I was able to convince other people along the way and join the mission.

Kraftora is a creatives-to-consumer marketplace for digital stationery and related creative assets.

The Team


Grace, Founder

Orlando, FL

Chris, Backend Engineer

Orlando, FL

Emmanuel, Frontend Engineer

Manila, Philippines

Mars, Product Manager

Tel Aviv, Israel

Fleur, Content Creator

Leuven, Belgium

Jason, Shop Owner Success Manager

Orlando, FL

Mae, Content Marketing Associate

Cebu, Philippines

Jaii, Admin Assistant

Manila, Philippines